Programming Katas

Programming katas are short simple programming exercises which are used to an individual's, generally beginners, programming skills. In this series, we will have various projects of low to mid level difficulty each of which are tied to concepts from each of our tutorial series. The programming katas will be tailored for users who have read through the respective tutorial series, but as with most content on this site anyone can use them and there are people of many backgrounds and skill levels who will be able to complete them. Each kata will have a short English description explaining the background, the reason for solving, and desired behavior of the program and many may also contain recommendatio ns on how to approach the solution.

Solutions to the katas will also be posted in their respective web pages, but remember to try solving each of them before looking at the solution. Also remember that the solution posted is not the only possible solution to the problem, merely the one which the author preferred. You should also note, that these katas are completely optional and are not required to move on to the next series. However, using these katas as a way of sharpening your skills before moving on is probably a good idea for most users. The is not a spectator sport, and in general you should try to get by with the bare minimum and never improving your skill set.

The following series have supported programming katas:

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