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Welcome to The CS Theory Guy's website. The general thread of this site is about computer science so to facilitate the exploration of this topic we will look at different series of tutorials written about various topic in computer science including but not limited to: data structures, algorithms, computer graphics, and computer architecture. Each of the series will be handled individually in whatever way makes the most sense to address the topics at hand. For example, in a data structures we probably will have you look at unique programs with each data structure we introduce, whereas for a topic like computer algebra we would look at the development of a single software package which has a specific set of parameters and goals.

If you have not learned how to program yet then this site also contains a tutorial on how to program using the C++, "C Plus Plus", programming language. This will be our language of choice for most of the more advanced topics. C++ can be avery challenging language to learn so if the learning curve seems steep then it's probably a good thing because there is a large amount of material for you to learn. After you finished that series you should take a look at the programming katas, those challenges are not focused on specific language features so if you are learning Java, Pascal, Scheme, or some other language feel free to check them out too, to help you improve your development, and programming, skills.

You author is currently in school full time, for computer science but rest assured – I've been studying this for about five years previously to starting school, so he may be unavailable for some period of time but it always only temporary.